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Celebrating Our Residents: Culture Care Senior Living Communities in NY and PA Shine as the first Month of the #HereToCare Campaign comes to a close.

At Culture Care Senior Living, we believe that age is just a number, and our recent events across New York and Pennsylvania have proven that our senior residents know how to have a great time! As part of our Here to Care campaign, our communities have been celebrating with a variety of activities and events, bringing joy and excitement to all.

Tanglewood Manor and Memory Garden End Month One with a Bang!

One of the standout events was at Tanglewood Manor and Memory Garden in Jamestown, NY. On a night to remember, these communities were transformed into a full-on club, complete with glow sticks, photo booths, delicious food, drinks, and non-stop music. Security at the door marked hands and checked IDs, adding to the authentic club experience.

Our incredible residents showed that age is no barrier to fun as they tore up the dance floor. The evening culminated in a beautiful slow dance, where many resident couples filled the dance floor, dancing the night away and showcasing that love knows no age. This unforgettable night was the perfect way to end the first month of our Here to Care campaign, which has been all about celebrating our residents.

Disco Parties at Twin Cedar Senior Living and Briarwood

The disco fever didn’t stop at Tanglewood Manor and Memory Garden. Twin Cedar Senior Living and Briarwood also hosted their own disco parties, where residents donned their best disco attire and danced the night away under shimmering lights. These events brought out the vibrant personalities of our residents and fostered a sense of community and fun.

Dance Parties at Faithful Living and Palmyra Senior Living

Faithful Living and Palmyra Senior Living took the dance floor to a new level with their energetic dance parties. Residents enjoyed a variety of music, from classic hits to modern tunes, and showcased their dance moves with enthusiasm. These dance parties were a hit, providing an opportunity for residents to socialize, exercise, and have a fantastic time.

Spa Days and Special Activities Across All Communities

Beyond dance and disco parties, all our communities have been engaging in Spa Days and other special activities as part of the Here to Care campaign. Residents have enjoyed relaxing treatments, beauty sessions, and pampering experiences, all aimed at enhancing their well-being and happiness. These activities highlight our commitment to providing holistic care and enriching the lives of our seniors.

Showcasing Our Core Pillar: Our Residents

The Here to Care campaign, with its array of events and activities, showcases and highlights the first core pillar of our mission: their residents. At Culture Care Senior Living, our residents are at the heart of everything we do. From exciting dance parties to soothing spa days, we strive to create a vibrant and supportive community where our seniors can thrive.

Join the Fun on Social Media

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made these nights so special. To see more highlights and fun moments from our events, visit our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Our social media pages are filled with joyful memories and the vibrant spirit of our senior communities.

Stay tuned for more exciting events as we continue to celebrate in the months to come.


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