Culture Care Senior Living

Innovation & Technology

Combining Luxury and Technology

Technology is not only an important resource for seniors to stay connected with family, friends, and the world around them, but research shows that Seniors who utilize technology daily show significant improvement in their motor skills and overall brain function. At Culture Care we believe in innovation, technology and going the extra mile to ensure our residents have the latest of what they need to thrive.

Ipads for Seniors

Every Senior that chooses to call a Culture Care Community their home, will have access to an iPad fully loaded with everything a senior need to tap into their tech side and stay connected to family, and stay entertained.

Amazon Alexa

Whether using voice commands to play music, create lists or set reminders, our seniors get to enjoy this useful tool to not only enrich their lives, but make life easier. 

Virtual Reality

Imagine taking a senior on a stroll down memory lane by revisiting their childhood home, wedding hall, or crossing off their bucket list items by taking them around the world from the comfort of home. Reminiscence therapy is a fantastic tool in recreating memory pathways and improving the quality of life for our seniors.