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About Culture Care

What is Culture Care?

Culture Care Senior Living was created with a vision. That vision is to ensure our team member and resident culture is like no other. Using our culture as a foundation, our goal is to move Senior Living far beyond industry expectations.  Our team members focus on enriching the lives of our seniors, their families, and the communities that we serve through compassion, innovation and customer service is our top priority. Serving Seniors is our calling and ensuring Care is Our Culture is our passion. As experienced Senior Living operators, we intend to strategically expand our portfolio and make a difference, one senior at a time. Additionally, we actively engage in purchasing, managing, and consulting to make a meaningful difference in the senior living sector, aiming for strategic expansion to impact more lives positively.


Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Culture Care Senior Living to offer our residents an extraordinary environment which produces positive resident outcomes in all areas of their wellness journey. We promote independence, individuality, dignity, respect and wholesome wellness of mind, body and soul. As a principle of our devotion to our caregivers caring for our residents, we offer growth and development to all of our team members. We believe that each role, no matter the title, is equally as important in providing the continuity of care and service to our number one priority, our residents. Wellness for all is our vision and ensuring Care is our Culture is our passion.

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